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"We Are Dedicated, We Are Strategic"

Who we are ?

We are the leading law firm providing high quality representation for complex international commercial arbitrations and international disputes. We frequently consult with our clients and provide professional and legal transactional advice to clients in arbitration proceedings concerning a wide variety of commercial disputes covering all jurisdictions, arbitral institutions and industry sectors, working in diverse languages for clients throughout the globe.

We work closely with our clients, allowing them to play a significant role in the resolution of their dispute as they desire. We also collaborate with our co-counsel throughout the world, maintaining access to skilled local counsel in most jurisdictions for arbitration related domestic court proceedings. Our international arbitration lawyers are based in key arbitral centres and throughout major international arbitral institutions. With our depth of expertise, we strive to providing an exceptional quality of service is an expertise of our renowned law firm.

We bring deep experience for representing clients in international commercial arbitration, investment treaty arbitration, multi-jurisdictional disputes, and public international law matters. Our experts represent private corporations, investors, state-owned enterprises, and states in arbitration venues around the world, helping to resolve disputes that straddle borders, corporate structures, jurisdictions, cultures, political systems, and treaties.

Our team represents clients through a dispute’s life cycle, from drafting dispute resolution clauses, through arbitration to arbitration-related litigation such as court challenges to arbitral awards and pre-arbitration attachment and enforcement actions. We identify unique styles, approaches, arguments and strategies to develop objective and reasonable analyses resulting in healthy arguments before International and domestic arbitral tribunals.

Our approach to international arbitration

International arbitration is a key part of our global dispute resolution offering, and our team is well placed to guide our clients through the process, from drafting dispute resolution provisions to conducting any resulting arbitration.

No matter whether the international and commercial dispute being arbitrated, we pride ourselves in providing the highest technical excellence and advice tailored to our clients’ specific circumstances.

We aim to find and achieve an effective solution as quickly as possible, to avoid any waste of time or resources. We work discretely, ensuring our clients’ confidentiality is maintained, and are transparent about the costs involved.