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Arbitration is a consensual and effective method of resolving commercial disputes. It allows disputing parties to settle their disputes outside of a national juridical system by referring to a private system of adjudication. The underlying characteristics which make arbitration an attractive and preferred method of resolving commercial disputes are: Party autonomy, limited extent of court interference, ensuring confidentiality of arbitral proceedings.

In India, an increase in trade business between people has led to many disputes. Therefore, the dispute mechanism should be made efficient in terms of time and cost. Arbitration has become very significant in the present time as parties seek expeditious results and the same is not possible if they refer their disputes through courts. 

Chandrawat & Partners Arbitration Team has been recognized for its in-depth experience and creativity in handling a wide spectrum of disputes representing clients in diverse domestic and international arbitrations.

Our Expertise

Our team assists clients in proceedings before arbitral tribunals, the courts and in proceedings for raising or challenging claims and enforcement of arbitral awards. We analyse the client’s requirements and accordingly suggest the recourse that best serves their interests. We not only provide our expertise and services for the arbitral proceedings but also assist the clients in pre-arbitration proceedings and post-arbitral award proceedings.

We undertake matters from various fields of law subjected to arbitration with our team of lawyers who are well equipped with experience and legal acumen to handle cases and provide desirable solutions to the clients. The arbitration team at the firm, along with handling ad hoc arbitration matters, also has vast experience and commands exemplary skills for representing clients under various arbitration regimes such as ICC, UNCITRAL, LCIA, HKIAC, and SIAC. Our international presence allows us to advise our clients about the appropriate arbitral regime for them.

Our Services

  • Formulating strategy.
  • Assistance in seeking urgent interim reliefs from courts and tribunals.
  • Drafting and vetting arbitration agreements
  • Providing expertise to clients with reference to the seat and venue of arbitration
  • Enforcement and challenging enforcement of arbitral awards

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