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The selection of arbitrators represents the basic essence of arbitration as a private dispute resolution method. The power given to the parties regarding the selection of arbitrators has been regulated through different regulations, guidelines, legislation or other similar rules or statutes. Thus the fact that parties in an arbitration have the liberty, yet the burden, to choose the best adjudicator for their case may lead to difficult situations, blockages, and even insecurity in the arbitration proceedings, thus restraining the client from having a smooth arbitration proceeding.

The factors affecting the choice of arbitrators are: impartiality, independence, honourability, availability, but, in most situations, parties have to take into consideration much more in order to feel comfortable with the outcome and be confident in the judgement of the arbitral tribunal.

Arbitrators may be appointed in three ways:

  1. Directly by the disputing parties
  2. By the existing tribunal members
  3. By an external party (for example, the court or an individual or institution nominated by the parties)

Our Expertise

The firm has been actively advising international and domestic clients on matters of arbitration and selection of seat as an integral part of it. Our international presence helps us assist the client in selecting the seat of arbitration as we are familiar and experienced with curial and procedural laws across the globe.

Our lawyers have gained tremendous experience while working on arbitration matters over the years. Our team is well acquainted with the knowledge of law across the globe and puts them in a better position to provide expertise to clients on the matter of selection of seat, especially in international arbitration.

Our Services

Our wide range of services includes:

  • They provide expertise to clients on the appointment of the arbitrator and also assist them in the process of appointment.
  • Assist clients in getting an arbitrator appointed by relevant courts and authorities.