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An increase in cross-border trade has led to many cross-border agreements between the parties. However, there might be some issues surrounding the cross border disputes arising out of contracts or agreements. When an arbitral dispute is a cross border dispute between parties from different nations, the arbitration here would be referred to as an international arbitration. The use of international arbitration has evolved to allow the parties from different legal, linguistic and cultural backgrounds to resolve disputes in a final and binding manner.

The choice of law, venue, and seat of arbitration becomes very significant in international arbitration for the reason that it decides how the arbitration will be carried on and governed, including the enforcement of the arbitral award.

In the case of an international arbitration, the enforceability of an arbitral award rendered in the country where it has to be enforced plays a vital role. Therefore, the parties to international arbitration have to be cautious while choosing a seat and venue for arbitration in another country.

Our Expertise

Our firm has an international presence and provides services and assistance for international arbitration in all the major countries across the globe. Our global presence makes it easier for our team to represent and assist our clients at various levels and in various jurisdictions.

Our practice is dynamic and commercial minded. The team adopts a holistic approach to dispute resolution that focuses on achieving our client’s commercial goals. Our language capabilities, cultural diversity, and broad legal training enable us to better understand the dispute and all its nuances allowing us to assess our client’s options and present the case in the most compelling way possible with ease so that the adequate solution is reached.

We represent clients in major international commercial arbitrations under the auspices of all leading arbitral organizations, including the International Court of Arbitration (ICC), International Centre of Dispute Resolution (ICDR), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), as well as ad-hoc arbitrations.

Our dedicated team advises clients at every stage of the dispute resolution process, from crafting risk mitigation strategies, conducting successful settlement negotiations, drafting of dispute resolution clauses to pre-proceeding issues and the conduct of proceedings through to the enforcement of arbitral awards. Thus in short, the entire arbitral process is taken care of by the experts at our firm, giving the full service to the clients.

Our Services

  • Drafting and vetting arbitration agreements
  • Crafting risk mitigation strategies
  • Providing expertise on facets of international arbitration
  • Representing clients in arbitral tribunals around the globe.
  • Representing clients before the courts in relation to arbitration matters
  • Assisting clients in the enforcement of arbitral awards
  • Other alternate dispute resolutions