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Seat of arbitration is a legal concept, not a geographical one. The significance of the seat of arbitration is that it determines the applicable law when deciding the validity of the arbitration agreement and the arbitration procedure, as well as the nationality of the award.

The legal aspects of the choice of seat along with certain practical aspects can be taken into consideration when choosing a seat for arbitration, such as: the role and attitude of the local courts in terms of supervision and assistance, implementation of the New York Convention is done to maximize enforceability, geographical location of the subject-matter in dispute, ease of transport and suitable facilities (i.e., proximity of evidence, costs) and various other factors.

Asia has seen significant developments in the field of international arbitration over the past decade that mirror its economic growth. As the global economy changes and arbitration grows in popularity, the financial centres of Asia have emerged as popular new international arbitration hubs. Singapore and Hong Kong, in particular, have become major seats of arbitration in Asia.

Our Expertise

The firm has been actively advising international and domestic clients on matters of arbitration and selection of seat as an integral part of it. Our international presence helps us assist the client in selecting the seat of arbitration as we are familiar and experienced with curial and procedural laws across the globe.

Our team has gained tremendous experience while working on arbitrational matters over the past years. Our team is well acquainted with the knowledge of law across the globe and puts them in a better position to provide expertise to clients on the matter of selection of seat, especially in international arbitration.

Our Services

  • Assisting clients in selection of seat.
  • Advising clients in the matter of appointment of arbitrator and counsel in the selected seat of arbitration.